Hiring a Bartending Service in Naples for Your Party

Whether it’s your birthday or a graduation in Naples Fl, or anywhere you need to hire a bartender in Southwest Florida, a great party takes lots of planning. Shouldn’t you be able to enjoy it once the date arrives? If you rent a bartender for your Naples event from our Southwest Florida Bartending Service you can rest easy knowing Elite Event Staffing has you covered for all your Naples bar service needs.

If you hire a bartender in Naples from Elite Event Staffing, you probably won’t have as much to set up or clean up before or after your party. Elite Event Staffing’s bartenders for hire in Naples bring their own equipment, set it all up before the event and clean up after the party is over. If you need to hire a waiter or servers in Naples for your party we have you covered. We even have mobile bar rentals in Naples.

Finally, hiring a bartender for your Naples party or wedding is a responsible and professional thing to do. They will have licenses, insurance and the added ability to keep track of your guests – and especially to stop serving anyone who is too intoxicated. Additionally, the people at your event will be impressed that you went as far as hiring professional staff. Elite Event Staffing is fully insured with liquor and general liability insurance.

If you are ready to hire a bartender for your Naples event, consider Event Staffing. For a quote call us at 786-444-5364, or go to our website at EliteEventStaffing.com We provide professional bartenders and mobile bars for casual and formal events all over Naples and Southwest Florida. Don’t just hire a bartender in Naples for your party. Hire an Elite Bartender in Naples from Elite Event Staffing for your party. Cheers!