Holding mixology workshops in Miami for your bartenders can be the ideal way to increase camaraderie within the workplace, making your bar a great place to be for the staff and customers alike. Elite Event Staffing can offer the perfect team building experience for your employees that will typically leave them enthusiastic to create their own cocktail masterpieces.

Why You Should Offer Team Building in the First Place

Research shows that team building has a positive effect in the workplace, increasing productivity and therefore potentially increasing the profits of the company. Members of staff often receive a huge morale boost after attending such an event and will return to work invigorated and wanting to perform well.

Why Your Staff Will Be Happy

Miami Mixology Workshops are the ideal activity for your employees to connect with each other outside of work, doing something related to their job. Whatever the level of experience your bartenders have, Elite Event Staffing can offer a workshop that is suitable for all. It is an ideal way to learn new skills, in a different environment. Perhaps most importantly, attendees can do all of this without the potential pressure of a customer waiting for a drink. These workshops are often so much fun that your staff will be excited to return to work to try out, and show off, their new skills.

Why You Will Be Happy

Miami Mixology Workshops often leave staff members with a lasting impression of a great, social time, something they will possibly talk about for a long time afterward. The emphasis is on fun but it is also an experience in which new skills can be learnt, often creating a happy, yet productive, work environment. Customers who are having a great time are likely to spend more money and this can lead to an increase in profitability for your bar. Everybody wins!

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