Planning an event to keep a large group happy can be a headache, but with Elite Event Staffing’s mixology workshops in Miami you don’t have to fret anymore. Whether you’re looking for a fun team building event, or a great way to bring people together to raise funds for a worthwhile cause, mixology classes will wow your attendees while also teaching them some new tricks. Everyone in attendance will leave not just having had a great time, but in possession of skills to show off and bring some flair to their friends in the future.

Shaking Up the Norm

From Mojitos to Martinis, just choose the beverage your group wants to learn about and enroll in one of Elite Event Staffing’s mixology workshops in Miami. Everyone will be set up at their own station and allowed to customize their drinks with ingredients to match their own personal tastes, then a trained mixologist will walk everyone through the process of creating the perfect drink. The event is capped off with a “Best Cocktail Competition” where everyone gets a chance to put what they learned to the test.

Put a Little Flair In It

Looking for something more outside the box? Try out a flair workshop. The Elite Event Staffing flair workshop is one of the most fun mixology workshops in Miami, with you and your guests learning the crowd-pleasing tricks of a flair bartender. Students learn how to perform waterfall pours and see eye-catching fire breathing action up close and personal. The tricks your guests learn will go home with them to amaze their friends in their free time, and they’ll always remember where they were when they first learned to do them.

Miami’s Best Mixologists

Don’t trust your next event to just anyone, trust the best. The mixologists at Elite Event Staffing are trained to be artisans of their craft, and are experienced running workshops for beginners to help even the most inexperienced attendee improve. Contact Elite Event Staffing today to schedule your place in their Miami mixology workshops! Schedule today at (239) 900-6701 or fill out the online contact form.