If you’re tired of the same old corporate retreats or long seminars in which you try to persuade sponsors and customers that you’re a company worth investing in, you’re not alone. However, you still need a way to engage employees, sponsors and customers alike, so should you continue doing what you’ve always done, or should you mix it up? Elite Event Staffing says to mix it up with bartending workshops in South Florida!

Mixology courses are a fun and unique way with which to interact with individuals that you typically don’t have a chance to interact. If you want to get to know your employees better, impress your customers without having to wine and dine them or just get the old gang back together for a Sunday afternoon, a mixology workshop may be just the ticket. Elite Event Staffing’s workshops are hosted by experienced bartenders and can be held on-site or at your chosen venue—even your home. They typically run one to two hours and consist of a brief history of Mojitos or Martinis and the colorful flavors of which they’re made. Participants of Elite’s bartending workshops in South Florida will have the opportunity to construct two different cocktails unique to their preferences.

To add a little competition to the mix, Elite’s mixologists will taste each person’s concoction and vote for the best. The winner wins the “Best Cocktail” award, a recognition that comes complete with a full bartender kit and, of course, bragging rights. Events are lightly catered, because every good drink needs some good food to go with it.

Mixology workshops are a fun way to get out of your routine and challenge employees or engage guests. Whether you’re looking for a new way to encourage teamwork or just want to try something different in your free time, look into the bartending workshops in South Florida offered by Elite Event Staffing. Call today to inquire about pricing and to schedule an event. Reach us at (239) 900-6701 OR fill out our online contact form.