Elite Event Staffing offers the Florida Keys bartending workshops for all skill levels, so if you’re hosting an event or corporate function, consider one of Elite’s mixology workshops for team building or just for picking up a new skill! These workshops are generally lightly catered and are intended only for ages 21 and up. In Elite’s bartending workshops in the Florida Keys, you will use fresh fruits and ingredients along with premium liquors to learn how to make popular cocktails such as Old Fashions, margaritas, martinis, and mojitos. The professional Elite instructors will guide you through crafting your favorite alcoholic beverages and you and your group will have a blast along the way.

Competitive Team Building Workshops

Competitive team building workshops are also available. These Florida Keys bartending workshops are perfect for corporate functions and encourage your team to work closely with one another. Your team members will each have their own station where they are able to work and will learn how to craft two different beverages. Elite’s mixologists will provide guidance on creating drinks based on each individual’s preference. Finally, after everyone has mastered their drinks, a Best Cocktail Competition will be held. For the competition, each team member will craft their own mojito or martini with any of the fruit and ingredient options available for use. The drinks will be judged by Elite’s Mixologists as well as the rest of you group to crown a winner, who will receive not only bragging rights, but also a full bartending kit!

Flair Workshops

Have you ever seen a bartender spinning or juggling bottles? Were they doing sleight of hand with the corkscrew? These are all elements of bartending flair, and Elite also offers workshops for you to learn these dazzling tricks of the trade. These Florida Keys bartending workshops offer customization for you group and can be tailored to go as in depth to bartending flair as you like so that you can catch guests’ eyes no matter your skill level.

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