If you’ve been thinking about adding a bar to your next party or event, you may not know how many options are available to you. Any get together can become a lot more fun when you hire an experienced bartender. But have you ever considered Miami bar rentals? What about hiring a flair bartender? These options are popular and can really turn your event into a success, no matter what you’re celebrating.

The Traditional Bartending Service

This is the tried and true bartending service that many of you know and love. You may have hired a bartender for a wedding or event in the past. If not, you’ve probably been at a concert or festival where a hired bartender makes drinks and engages with customers. The excellent thing about this service is that you can truly make it fit your needs.

Mobile Miami Bar Rentals

For those at a venue without a bar, you aren’t left out of the fun. You can rent a bar in Miami that will be set up at your location. There are many options to choose from, but all are available at competitive prices. Setup and teardown are included in the price, which makes your life easier. On top of that, the mobile bars come with everything you could need, from pour spouts to glassware and napkins. Plus, you can request a shopping list, so you know exactly what to get for your specific celebration

Flair Bartenders

Ever seen a bartender who can breathe fire? What about doing illusion in between pouring drinks? A flair bartender is there to make sure your guests have the best time possible. You can expect your guests to remember the night for years to come. These bartenders are experienced and skilled individuals who are looking for the chance to wow your crowd.

Miami Bar Rentals Near You

No matter what kind of party or event you throw, Elite Event Staffing can help with the drink-slinging and entertainment. You can contact us anytime for help designing the perfect bar at (239) 900-6701 OR simply fill out the online form and we will call you.