Locating bartenders for hire is simple. Locating bartenders with experience, strong work ethic and unparalleled customer service skills is a bit more challenging. If you’re in the market for a quality bartender for your private event in South Florida, you can approach the hiring process the hard way or the smart way. The hard way, which involves recruiting a private bartender on your own, may cost you your event. The smart way, which involves working with Elite Bartenders, can turn your event into an elite occasion to which all other party planners will strive to live up to. Hire smart, and work with Elite Event Staffing to staff your event today.

Why You Want to Work with Elite Bartenders

Elite’s bartenders for hire are experienced, licensed and possess the education for bartenders required by Florida law. If you want to serve drinks at your event without worrying about whether or not you’re in violation of state laws, working with a company that specializes in hiring bartenders and servers can give you the peace of mind that you desire.

In addition to being properly trained and certified, the bartenders provided to you by Elite Event Staffing are friendly, amicable and knowledgeable. Each possesses a customer service-oriented demeanor and an ability to work swiftly under pressure. Individuals don’t want to attend an event at which the bartenders are harried, unfriendly and unable to take their order in a timely fashion. Moreover, they don’t want to attend an event at which the bartenders cannot get their drink order right because they are overwhelmed. When you hire professional bartenders, you can enjoy the party without worrying about any of these issues occurring.

Hire Your Professional Bartender Today

Whether you’re looking for bartenders to hire for a small, private party or a large corporate event, turn to Elite Event Staffing for the solutions you need. Contact Elite Event Staffing in South Florida today to get started. Call (239) 900-6701 OR fill out the online contact form.