Playing host to an event can be a challenging task. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or hosting a corporate function, it’s the little details which help to set your event apart and leave an impression your guests can rave about for weeks to come. A great way to make your mark is to make a call to hire a flair bartender in Fort Lauderdale to serve your drinks with a show. The wow factor a flair bartender brings to the table is the perfect finishing touch to your event planning.

A Flair Bartender? What Does That Even Mean?

Flair bartenders are as adept at putting on a show as they are at making a drink – and they make great drinks. Most famously flair bartending can be seen tossing bottles in the Tom Cruise classic Cocktail. Your Fort Lauderdale flair bartender for hire won’t just make drinks for your guest, they’ll show off crowd-pleasing tricks as they do so. From complex shakes which include tossing the shaker and pouring the drinks from several feet over the glasses, to extra-curricular fun like spitting flames, your flair bartender will make every drink poured an experience.

What Will My Guests Say?

When you hire a flair bartender in Fort Lauderdale it can make your event one to remember for everyone who attends it. It’s hard to forget when your drink preparation included a giant fireball. Keeping your guests entertained is always a top priority of event planning. Whether you’re simply there to have a good time, or working toward a larger goal like a charity fund raiser, guests who are having fun are guests in a better mood, and guests in a better mood leads to better results for your party. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Elite Event Staffing today to hire a flair bartender in Fort Lauderdale for your function. Their skills behind the bar may be just what you need to put your event over the top! Call Elite today at (239) 900-6701 or fill out the online contact form.