Most restaurant and bar owners believe that hiring bartenders with experience is enough to operate an efficient establishment, but it’s not. While experience is necessary, it can always be sharpened and honed with the right South Florida bartender training. Moreover, corporate-wide training can get all of your bartenders and servers on the same page and operate as a single unit rather than as several, individual components. If you want to increase the organization within your establishment and improve consistency, look into Elite Event Staffing’s corporate training workshops.

The mixology workshops hosted by Elite Event Staffing are designed to equip your bartenders and servers with the tools they need to not only be the best bartenders they can be but also, to be the best team. With the same training, your organization can work as a unit towards one common goal: efficiently serving your customers and streamlining the bartending process. As a result, you stand to see an increase in revenue and higher employee output.

South Florida bartending training is an investment in your employees and your business. Training is offered onsite at your establishment and by some of Elite’s most expert mixologists. In addition to equipping your team with the tools they need to operate efficiently, Elite’s mixologists will also provide customized management training. You can opt for a one-day mixology course to reaffirm your team’s drink knowledge or a 40-hour intensive workshop that will overhaul your current processes and replace them with more efficient and streamlined ones.

Bartending training is a worthwhile investment in your company’s future. The courses are convenient, affordable and productive, and trainers can work around your schedule. You can opt to conduct training in your establishment or to send bartenders to Elite’s headquarters for personalized coaching. Whatever your goals are, Elite can help you achieve them. Call their office today at (239) 900-6701 to inquire about pricing and schedule your first South Florida bartending training session. You can also complete the contact form online and request a call back.